From Miniature to Wirehaired: A Guide to Dachshund Types

dachshund types

From miniature to standard, longhaired to smooth, there are dachshund types for everyone. Check out our guide to this adorable breed and learn all about their many different varieties!

If you are a fan of Dachshunds, then you are surely curious about the different types of these cute sausage dogs!  So, get ready to dig into the various types of Dachshunds, from their size to their coat colors:

Three Dachshund Types You Gotta Know (based on size)

Firstly, let’s talk about the 3 basic types of Dachshunds based on their size: the Miniature Dachshund, the Standard Dachshund, and the rarely-seen Kaninchen Dachshund. When someone is talking about the types of Wiener dogs, this is what they have in mind, and here is what you can find out about them:

The Miniature Dachshund 

The Mini Doxie is a cute and compact version of the Dachshund breed – perfect for those who are space-conscious but want to keep a furry little friend. They are a small, long-bodied dog breed originally made for hunting. Typically, mini Dach weighs between 8 and 11 pounds and stands up to 9 inches tall at the shoulder. Their coat comes in typical variations for any Dach, but we will come to it a bit lower in the text. These little sausages are known for their independence and playful personalities. They make great family pets and are loyal to their owners.

dachshund types

The Standard Dachshunds 

These are the most common type of Dach and are known for their long, low bodies and fast legs, built for hunting, digging, and plowing the ground in the search for the pray.  Standard Dachshunds weigh between 16 and 32 pounds and stand up to 9 inches tall at the shoulder. They are intelligent, brave, and loyal dogs that make great family pets and are highly adaptable to any living situation!

The Kaninchen Dachshund 

The Kaninchen Dachshund, also known as the rabbit Dachshund, is the smallest variety of the breed and was originally bred to hunt small prey. They typically weigh between 6 and 8 pounds and stand up to 8 inches tall at the shoulder. Their small size and short legs allow them to hunt in tight spaces. But don’t let the miniature size fool you; they have big hearts, strong temperaments, and are real little fuzzballs of energy!

Another important thing you should know is that we can divide our little wiener sniffers by the looks and length of their coats! Here are what types of doxies we have based on their furry looks:

Dachshund Types Depending On the hair (coat)

Next up, the types of Dachshunds based on the length of their coat: Long-haired, Short-haired, and Wire-haired. Ok, 3 more types, but what are the main characteristics of these coat variations?

The Long-haired Dachshund is a fluffy delight that needs regular grooming to keep its coat shiny and healthy. Their coat is longer, often kind of wavy, and very soft and gentle if you treat it properly. These days we have all kinds of dog accessorize that we can use to groom and style their coat, and thank heavens for grooming salons! To keep your longhaired Dach in good shape, trim his coat, brush it as often as you can, and they will be as beautiful as ever!

The Short-haired Dachshund has a sleek and shiny coat, making it a popular choice for pet owners who don’t want to brush their dog’s hair daily. Even if their fur is short, trust us that it is soft and gentle, and you will still love to pet and hold them whenever you have the chance! 

dachshund types

The Wire-haired Dachshund 

Did you know that the wirehaired Dachshund has a unique coat? It’s covered with bristly, dense, and close-fitting hair, including an undercoat. Even the muzzle, eyebrows, and ears are bushy! This type of coat is believed to have evolved as a way to protect the dog while huntin! Especialy among shrubs and thorny plants. Pretty cool, right? But this type of coat needs a special way of grooming and caring, so be sure to do it right, and you will have a happy little sausage! 

Types of Dachshunds based on the color 

Did you know that the Dachshund comes in different color variations and combinations that also depend on the type of hair? Here are a few examples:

  • The Unicolored Dachshund can range from fawn to yellow to a dark red tone.
  • The Bicolor Dachshund has a dark-colored base, typically brown or black, with spots of shades ranging from yellow to fiery red.
  • The Arlecchino Dachshund, or brindle, has a coat with an infinite variety of shades, including white, beige, and gray. The background color can be black, silver, or chocolate.
  • The Dry Leaf Dachshund has a warm red/yellow/brown shade reminiscent of dry leaves. Their coat is shaded rather than spotted.
  • The Boar Colored Dachshund is gray-black in color, similar to wild animals. This color variation is usually found in wire-haired dachshunds! It comes with possible hazel coloring at the ends, like on their paws, beard, and attachment of the ears.

These unique and eye-catching color variations can make the Dachshund even more beautiful and fun than the traditional colors. With those lovely shaded hair colors, there are a few interesting eye color variations as well! We know that you will not be able tell which combination is more beautiful than the other!

The main differences between the Datch breed types

So, what are the main differences between the types of Dachshunds? Well, besides size and coat length, there are variations in their temperament, health issues, and training needs.

 Dachshunds are known for being stubborn but also loyal and loving to their owners. They can be prone to back problems and obesity! So, it’s essential to give them regular exercise and a healthy diet. One of the interesting facts is that the smaller the type is, the easier is for them to gain weight!  The key to keeping your Dachie healthy and happy is to give them just the right amount of food, exercise, rest, and plenty of love and affection! 

dachshund types

One common thing about the breed regarding the type is that they are playful and always ready for running and digging. It is in their blood to dig holes in the backyard or playground, so you must find the time and space to fulfill their need to get dirty. After a day full of activities, your wiener dog will be happy, ready to take a bath and a long nap in a cozy dog bed!

Dachshund Types: Wrapping up

Dachshunds come in a variety of sizes, coat lengths, and colors! But they all share similar characteristics, including their loyalty, love of attention, and low-slung bodies. So, whatever type you choose, your furry friend will always be a delightful addition to your home with big heart full of love for everyone!

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