Can Dachshunds Climb Stairs? Things To Know

doxie on the stairs

Ever wondered if your dachshund can conquer the staircase? Well, you’re not alone! These pint-sized pups often face off with stairs like tiny warriors heading into battle. Since can dachshunds climb stairs is one of the most common questions I hear from their owners, here is what you need to know.

can dachshund climb stairs

Can Dachshunds Climb Stairs?


As we all know, Doxies have elongated bodies and short legs. They actually have extremely short legs. So, what does it mean?

It means that your pooch can’t climb stairs with ease. Their physique simply doesn’t alow them to run up and downstairs like other dogs. 

However, not only Doxies, but also Chihuahuas, Yorkies, and many other small dog breeds can’t easily climb stairs.

If they fall downstairs, there is a possibility that they will get spine injuries. And, that’s the last thing you would like to happen.

As you can guess, those can be serious injuries that will require surgical intervention.

Will Climbing Stairs Injure My Dachshund?  


It won’t be a problem if your Doxie will have to climb several stairs. However, daily climbing several times a day can tire your dog. And, tiredness always leads to losing the ability to normally perform certain activities. 

So, the general answer to the question ‘’Can Dachshunds climb stairs?’’ is – Yes! Just imagine how a miniature Dachshund is going upstairs and downstairs. For them,  it’s like they are climbing a mountain.

Getting your Dachshund to tackle those stairs regularly is quite a concern. Think about it – most staircases have steps about 20-25cm high. Now, picture our little Dachshund buddies.

The miniature ones are just about 13-18cm tall, and the standard ones aren’t much taller at 20-22cm. Can you imagine what it’s like for them, having to climb them multiple times a day? It’s not just a small feat. It’s a huge undertaking for their tiny legs and long bodies. 

Watch out for injuries!

When your sausage dog tackles those stairs, it’s like they’re having a workout for their back and neck. Imagine all that stretching and bending they have to do just to climb up. It’s a lot for their tiny bodies. 

can dachshunds climb stairs

It’s super important to keep in mind that stairs increase the chances of your Dachshund having muscle spasms. It can even affect developing IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease). That’s a big deal for these little elongated guys.

And it’s not just stairs, by the way. Any kind of jumping or climbing puts pressure on their spines. So, to keep your furry friend safe and sound, try to minimize movements that cause sudden jolts to their back. This means helping them onto the sofa, maybe getting a ramp for the stairs, or preventing those cute but risky leaps onto the bed. These activities might seem harmless, but doing them repeatedly? That’s where the risk lies. Dachshunds, bless their hearts, they weren’t exactly designed for agility courses!

So, keep an eye on those repeated motions. A little bit of care goes a long way in keeping your Dachshund happy, healthy, and far from any back troubles.

How To Train Your Dachshund To Climb Stairs?

Training your Dachshund to navigate stairs safely is a mix of patience, precaution, and a little bit of creativity. 

Start Young, Start Right:

If you’ve got a puppy, that’s great news. Training them early can make a big difference. Show them there is nothing to search for upstairs and that the fun is downstairs. 

Stair Gates are Lifesavers: 

Installing a stair gate can be a simple yet effective solution. Let me tell you about my friend, Jess, and her clever little Doxie, Benny. Benny was this adventurous little sausage dog who had a thing for exploring every nook and cranny of Jess’s house. The problem? He was absolutely obsessed with trying to conquer the staircase.

Every time Jess turned around, there was Benny, halfway up the stairs, looking proud as a peacock. Cute, right? But here’s the catch – those stairs were not doing any favors for Benny’s back. Jess was worried sick about him getting hurt. She knew she had to find a solution, and fast.

The life savior solution!

Enter the lifesaver: the stair gate. Jess did some research, found the perfect gate, and installed it at the bottom of her staircase. It was like magic. Suddenly, Benny’s Everest was off-limits, and he had to find other, safer ways to feed his adventurous spirit.

At first, Benny was a bit confused – you should’ve seen his face! He’d walk up to the gate, wag his tail, and give Jess those big puppy eyes, as if asking, “Hey, what’s this all about?” But Jess was firm yet gentle. She’d distract him with his favorite toys or engage him in some fun games on the ground floor.

Use Reward-Based Training: 

Dachshunds respond well to positive reinforcement. Teach them that staying off the stairs earns them treats and praise. From my personal experience, you’ll need to be consistent with your commands and rewards. A firm “No” when they approach the stairs, followed by a treat when they obey, can work wonders.

Use Stairs For Bed:

To save your Doxie from jumping from and onto the bed, we recommend you take a look at the Anti-Slip Dachshund Stairs.  They’re made of durable sponge and are padded with non-slip and durable fabric that will prevent your dog from falling. You can choose between different heights and place it beside your bed to help your pet. In that way, you prevent your pooch from hip injuries and reduce strain on his/her joints.

can dachshund climb stairs

Make Alternatives Appealing: 

Place their favorite toys and a comfy bed on the ground floor. The more attractive their environment is, the less they’ll feel the need to explore upstairs. I placed my dog’s bed in the living room because he loves to spend time with me. If my dog doesn’t see me, he immediately starts to search me throughout the house. 

Can Dacshunds Climb Stairs? Wrapping up

We hope that the tips we gave you will help you in training your Doxie. Even though your Doxie knows and loves to climb the stairs, it’s not recommended to allow him/her to do it without your supervision. Remember that they can easily get a spine, hip or neck injury which can be permanent. The choice is up to you. We know that you want only the best for your pet, so choose wisely and arm up yourself with patience.

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