How much do Dachshunds shed? Things To Know

how much do dachshunds shed

Are you head over heels for a spunky and fun-loving Dachshund but worried about all that shedding? If you’re thinking of bringing this dog breed to your family, then ”How much do Dachshunds shed?” is probably one of the questions you’re facing.

How much do Dachshunds shed? Things To Know

Shedding is a natural process in all dog breeds. However, not all Dachies shed equally. There are three coat types in the Dachshund family, both standard and miniature. And guess what?

Dachshunds are moderate shedders overall, but they are not hypoallergenic. Some modern dog breeds or genetically moderated kinds are hypoallergenic and are suitable for those that have hair, fur, or feather allergies. Our little wobble ear friends are not in that group, but since they don’t shed much, they are still very popular!

how much do dachshund shed

Shedding in Dachshunds depends on the coat type:

The amount and frequency of shedding depend largely on the coat type. Smooth-coated Dachshunds have short and sleek hair, making their shedding less noticeable. But if you find stray hairs everywhere, it’s time to up your grooming game. Regular brushing and bathing will help minimize shedding and keep your home hair-free (or at least mostly hair-free).

Now, let’s talk about longhaired Dachshunds. Their beautiful long hair makes shedding more obvious, especially on your favorite clothes and furniture. Here’s a fun fact: most longhaired Dachshunds have a double coat, which means they shed their dense undercoat twice a year. So, grab that brush and start brushing out that undercoat to reduce the shedding duration and keep your stuff fur-free!

Onto the wirehaired Dachshunds, the least shedding of them all. These little guys have a dense undercoat that protects them from extreme weather conditions. Their shedding is more seasonal, mainly happening in the spring and fall. And here’s the best part: their rough outer coat traps the shed hair so that it won’t end up all over your house. Plus, their undercoat can be professionally stripped to minimize shedding. Talk about a win-win!

how much do dachshunds shed

How Much Do Dachshunds Shed In The Winter?

In the winter, much like other dogs, Dachshunds undergo a shedding process to replace their summer coat with a denser, warmer layer to combat the chilly temperatures.

However, the degree of shedding depends largely on their coat type. Smooth-coated Dachshunds tend to shed moderately, with a slight increase in the winter, while long-haired Dachshunds shed more noticeably, leaving behind tufts of hair.

Wire-haired Dachshunds, on the other hand, have a more consistent shedding pattern throughout the year. Regardless of the type, regular grooming in the colder months can help manage and reduce the amount of hair left around the home.

How Much Do Dachshunds Shed In The Summer?

As the warmer months approach, Dachshunds shed their denser winter coat to make way for a lighter summer coat. Smooth-coated Dachshunds exhibit a moderate shedding pattern, with their sleek coat dropping hair evenly.

Long-haired Dachshunds, on the other hand, will shed more pronouncedly, often leaving behind more noticeable amounts of hair. Wire-haired Dachshunds maintain a relatively steady shedding rhythm, with minimal fluctuations between seasons.

Best tips on how to manage Dachies shedding issue:

We know that shedding is not the most lovable thing about your furry friend, but it doesn’t have to be that big of a deal if you know how to manage it! So we have some great tips for managing your Dachshund’s shedding, regardless of their coat type! Here is what that is all about: 

Brush those hairs away

First up, brushing! The amount of brushing and the type of brush you’ll need will depend on your pup’s coat. Bristle brushes are perfect for wire-haired Dachshunds to get that coat looking fabulous. Longhaired Dachshunds need a slicker brush for detangling and a bristle brush for that final shine. And for our smooth-coated friends, a grooming glove will bring their coat to a mirror-like shine.

Bath Massage Dachshund Brush is one of those must-have items for every dog owner. This bathing brush for a Dachshund offers you a deep cleanse of their coat. Besides, the soft silicone bristles will remove the dead hair and help you remove all the dander from their coat.

The brush features a tiny pocket on the top where you have to pour a shampoo. As you push that pocket-button, the brush will release shampoo and you’ll make a wonderful foam to bathe your Doxie.

doxie brush

Nutrition and diet are important for a great Doxie coat and less shedding

Remember, nutrition plays a vital role in your Dachshund’s coat health. First of all, you should always choose dog food without known allergens! One of the most common allergens is chicken, which can cause quite strong reactions in some pups. If you suspect food sensitivities, try a chicken-free formula. 

Also, lower-quality dog foods can lead to nutritional deficiencies, dermatitis, and excessive shedding. So, make sure to feed your pup a high-quality diet packed with omega-3 fatty acids to keep their skin healthy and reduce inflammation.

how much do dachshunds shed

Grooming and cutting can go a long way!

For your Dachie puppy coat to be nice, soft, and shiny without excess hair shedding, you want to pay attention to grooming and styling. Depending on the coat type, Doxies should be trimmed and bathed regularly. For example, smooth-haired hot dogs should be washed twice a month, and they do not need trimming, but you can brush them as often as you want. 

Longhaired sausages should be trimmed at least once a month, brushed regularly, and bathed 2 times a month. Wire-haired Doxie should be trimmed at least once a month and brushed on daily bases.

If your little fluffy friends are not happy about the trimming and brushing, you can try to trick them and style them while they are in their comfy doggy beds, resting. In this way, they will find it calming and like a part of a ritual preparing them for a nap. The following Dachshund Donut Bed is one of the comfiest an cutest beds you’ll find for this breed.

It’s filled with pp cotton and the outer layer is made of extremely soft plush, making it a perfect pick for cold months. Thanks to the ‘donut’ shape, your furry friend will get the best place for snoozing.

dachshund bed

When is it time for a Vet?

Sometimes shedding is not as it should be, and you may notice something is off. For example, if your doggo is losing more hair than usual, especially on the ears and tail or around the wrists – it may be scabies. That is definitely a sign to visit your veterinarian.

In some cases, when our hot dogs are under a lot of stress, they can start shedding more or even loose cat in patches all around the body. That is also a signal that the overall well-being of your pooch is not so good, and you need to help him.

Whatever the symptom is, if you notice more hair than normal on the floor or around your dog’s favorite spots, it is time to visit an expert and listen to what they have to say! 

What Could Be the Reasons for My Dachshund’s Excessive Shedding?

Besides previously mentioned reasons for shedding in your Doxie, there are a number of other factors that can affect losing hair. Here are some potential reasons for excessive shedding in Dachshunds:

  1. Health Concerns: Certain medical conditions, such as allergies, skin infections, hormonal imbalances, or more serious internal issues, can cause excessive shedding. If you suspect a health problem, it’s crucial to consult a veterinarian.
  2. Stress or Anxiety: Just like humans, dogs can lose hair when they’re stressed. Changes in the household, a new pet, or even a change in routine can lead to increased shedding.
  3. Pregnancy or Lactation: Female Dachshunds might shed more than usual after giving birth or while lactating.
  4. Parasitic Infestations: Fleas, ticks, and mites can cause irritation, leading to increased shedding. Regularly check your Dachshund’s coat for signs of these pests.
  5. Improper Grooming: Not grooming your Dachshund regularly or using the wrong grooming tools can lead to tangles and mats, which can cause more shedding.
  6. Bathing Frequency: Bathing your Dachshund too frequently or with the wrong type of shampoo can dry out their skin, leading to increased shedding.
  7. Age: Puppies will shed their puppy coat as they grow, and older dogs might shed more as their skin and coat undergo natural changes.
  8. Environmental Factors: A change in environment, such as moving to a place with a different climate, can affect your Dachshund’s shedding patterns.
  9. Medications: Certain medications can have side effects, one of which can be hair loss or increased shedding.

How Much do Dachshunds Shed? Wrapping Up

Shedding is a natural and essential process for all dog breeds. It helps them regulate their body temperature, remove old and damaged hair, and adapt to changing seasons. Various factors, ranging from their specific coat type, dietary habits, health conditions, and even environmental changes, influence the shedding patterns of these distinctive dogs. While it’s a common trait of the breed, understanding the reasons behind a Dachshund’s shedding can help owners provide the best care and maintenance for their beloved pets, ensuring both their comfort and a healthier coat.


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