Dachshund and Yorkie Mix: The Comprehensive Guide

yorkie and dachshund mix

Ever found yourself torn between the long-bodied Dachshund and the adorable Yorkshire Terrier? Well, guess what? You can actually enjoy the best of both worlds with a Dachshund and Yorkie mix! This delightful combo, often known as a Dorkie, offers the courageous and playful nature of Dachshunds with the elegance and feistiness of Yorkies.

dachshund and yorkie mix

What does a Yorkie mixed with a Dachshund look like?

Sometimes, taking features from both parents turns out to be the cutest combination. Are we right? Well, in case you want to buy a Dachshund and Yorkie mix puppy, then you gotta know the following.

Size of a Dorkie:

They are small but with a heart full of courage. Typically, they’ll weigh around 5 to 12 pounds and stand about 5 to 10 inches tall at the shoulder. So, they are quite the compact breed for apartment living conditions.

Coat Characteristics of the Dachshund and Yorkie Mix:

The coat of a Dorkie is a lottery. It could inherit the long, silky, and fine coat of the Yorkshire Terrier, or the short, wiry texture from the Dachshund side. The color palette is equally enchanting. It often goes between hues of black, brown, tan, or cream. Sometimes, it can present a blend of these colors. Every Dorkie actually has a unique aesthetic appeal.

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Facial Features

The face of a Dorkie is where the magic truly happens. The expressive eyes, often borrowed from the Yorkie, paired with the elongated snout reminiscent of the Dachshund. On the other hand, the ears could swing either way. They might stand erect as seen in Yorkies or take on a floppy feature as is common with Dachshunds.

Regardless of which characteristic your Dorkie takes, make sure you regularly clean them with our Dachshund Ear Cleaner.

dachshund and yorkie mix

Limb Structure

The legs of a Dorkie are notably short, thanks to the Dachshund lineage. This feature gives them a low-to-the-ground stance.  If your Dorkie ever experience any issue with their back, make sure you have the Dachshund Back Support on your side.

This vest soothes pains in the Dachshund’s spine and provides them with a pleasant effect. It’s like giving them a cozy hug that helps keep their back aligned.

dachshund spine support

Temperament and Behavior of the Dachshund and Yorkie Mix

The Dorkie is a real gem when it comes to personality. This little ball of fur receives characteristics from both of its parent breeds, which makes it a fascinating and entertaining friend. They are renowned for their devotion, wit, and a hint of stubbornness that will keep you occupied for many hours.

Their teasing antics will definitely make you smile. The entertainment never ends, whether they are running after a ball or just ambling around the home in that special, jovial gait of theirs. They do, however, possess a tender and caring side that yearns for cuddles and your undivided attention.

For Dorkies, socialization comes easily. They enjoy socializing and forming friendships with both people and other animals. However, because of their diminutive stature, they are somewhat more susceptible, therefore it’s wise to keep a watch on them during social encounters to make sure they are secure.

Training and Exercise of a Dachshund and Yorkie Mix

While they are intelligent and can grasp commands pretty quickly, their stubborn streak might require a little extra patience from your end. Positive reinforcement techniques work wonders with them. A good scratch behind the ears or a treat can motivate them to learn and obey commands.

Exercise is key to keeping your Dorkie healthy. They are highly energetic and require regular walks to burn off that energy.

However, due to their small size, they don’t need hard exercise. A few short walks coupled with some playtime indoors or in a fenced yard should suffice.

dachshund and yorkie mix

Health and Wellness of a Dachshund and Yorkie mix

It’s essential to be aware of some health issues that could pop up in your Dorkie’s life. They could inherit ailments common to Dachshunds and Yorkshire Terriers such as dental issues, hypothyroidism, or even back problems. Regular check-ups with a vet and a well-balanced diet can go a long way in ensuring your furry companion leads a healthy life.

Grooming is another aspect to consider. Depending on the type of coat they inherit, their grooming needs may vary. Regular brushing can keep their coat looking shiny and healthy, and a bath when needed will keep them feeling fresh.

In case you’re not sure what shampoo to use for your dog, then take a look at the Dachshund Shampoo and Conditioner. Crafted with all-natural ingredients, it’s gentle on their skin while being tough on dirt and grime. The lavender essential oil not only leaves your furry friend smelling like a fresh spring morning but also works wonders in soothing any itchiness.

dachshund and yorkie mix- dachshund shampoo

Adoption and Purchasing Tips of a Dachshund and Yorkie mix Puppy

If you’re convinced that a Dorkie is the companion you’ve been searching for, it’s vital to approach reputable breeders or consider adopting from a rescue. When dealing with breeders, ensure they have a good reputation. They also have to provide you with health clearances for the pup’s parents. Adoption is a noble choice, and there are many Dorkies in shelters waiting for a loving home.

What Are Common Health Issues of the Dachshund And Yorkie Mix?

The life of a Dorkie parent comes with its fair share of tail wags and, unfortunately, a few vet tags too. Though these little furballs are generally healthy, they can inherit some common health issues from their Dachshund and Yorkie parents.

Dental Issues:

These tiny munchkins have small mouths. Unfortunately, this feature can often lead to overcrowded teeth. This makes them more prone to dental issues like gum disease or tooth decay. Regular brushing and dental check-ups are your friends here!

Back Problems:

Thanks to the Dachshund lineage, back problems like Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) can be a concern. Maintaining a lifestyle that minimizes strain on their back is key. It’s all about creating a pup-friendly environment. For instance, having ramps or steps to help them get on and off furniture can be a game changer.

Anti-Slip Dachshund Stairs are one of the items every Doxie owner should have. They come in different heights and feature non-slipping fabric that will prevent your dog from falling.

doxie stairs


This is a condition where the thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough hormones, which can lead to issues like obesity, lethargy, and hair loss. It’s manageable with medication and a proper diet.

Skin Allergies:

Skin allergies can also come knocking on your Dorkie’s door, causing itchiness and discomfort. It might be due to food, environmental factors, or even flea bites.

Eye Problems:

Both Dachshund and Yorkie breeds are known to have some eye issues, so it’s not uncommon for your Dorkie to experience problems like cataracts or Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA).

Patellar Luxation:

This is a fancy term for a kneecap that likes to move around too much. It’s a common issue in small dogs and can lead to discomfort and limping.

The History of Dachshund and Yorkie Mix

Although not as ancient as some other breeds, the Dachshund and Yorkie mix, fondly known as the Dorkie, is relatively new to the doggy world.

The concept of hybrid dogs has gained popularity over the last few decades. That’s when the adorable Dorkie made its entrance. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment the first Dachshund smooched a Yorkie. However, it’s believed that the Dorkie breed came to be sometime around the 1990s or early 2000s in North America.

Do Dorkies Get Along With Kids?

Dorkies are known for their gentle nature, and with the right introduction, they can become the perfect match.  However, like with any other dog breed, these pooches also require to go through proper socialization.

Since they are small in size, kids should be especially careful when they play with them. Make sure you never leave your Dorkie unsupervised when spending time around kids. If the kid pulls his/her tail or wants to roughly play with him/her, the Dorkie will fight back.

Having a Dachshund and Yorkie Mix around can be a wonderful way to teach kids about empathy, kindness, and responsibility.

With the right care, instructions, and support, the bond between kids and Dorkies can be endless. Both dogs and kiddos love to play and clown around. However, we always recommend you not to leave them unsupervised.

Is it possible to cross a Teacup Yorkie with a Mini Dachshund?

Definitely, yes! Although the standard-sized Yorkies and Doxies are already small, you can get even smaller versions of these pooches. Yorkie Dachshund mix puppies can be only 5 inches in height.

The demand for these hybrid dogs is huge and their price is generally higher. Therefore, if you want to purchase a mini Dorkie, it’s necessary to find a good breeder.

Unfortunately, many breeders don’t conduct gene checks on the dogs before breeding. Their sole aim is to make quick and easy money. And as you can guess, this always leads to the production of unhealthy pups.

When someone happily brings a puppy home, they are not even aware of what might await them in the future. Besides facing hefty vet bills, people get really attached to their pets.

And when they lose those pets prematurely, their stress and sorrow are immeasurable.

Dachshund and Yorkie Mix: Wrapping Up

We can all agree that buying a dog is not an easy choice. They become our family members and we have to take care of them throughout their lives. No matter which breed of dog you choose, it’s important to provide the best care and lots of love to them. The Dachshund and Yorkie Mix is a hybrid breed that offers the best of both dogs.

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